Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can apply? Can my children live with me? What are the program fees?

Program Questions:

  1. Who can apply to SPA Women’s Ministry Homes program?

  2. SPA residents must be women age 18 and above, desiring positive and permanent life change, willing to commit to the one-year program, and open to biblical training/teaching.


  3. How do I graduate SPA Women’s Ministry Homes program?

  4. SPA residents must live at our facilities and must complete the entire one-year program to graduate. During the one-year, residents will transition through four building levels.

    The four building levels are:

    • Level 1 – Adjustment
    • Level 2 – Learning/Inner Healing
    • Level 3 – Employment
    • Level 4 – Transitioning

    Moving through the levels is dependent on the discernment of the staff.


  5. Can I come to SPA if I am pregnant?

  6. Yes, but you will be required to participate in and maintain all scheduled activities. Because we do not accommodate children, pregnant mothers will need to secure a different placement ahead of time to ensure a working plan and housing for after childbirth.


  7. Do I have to be a Christian to come to SPA?

  8. No, but you must have an open heart, willing to participate in all scheduled activities.


  9. What if I don’t know how I will pay my bill, but I know I need help and need the program?

  10. Upon entering SPA, staff will assist you in finding sponsors. If you are unable to secure a sponsor, when you reach Level 3 and begin working, staff will assist you in budgeting and paying your SPA bill. Additionally, SPA does not accept Medicaid or health insurance.


  11. What medical care will I receive at SPA?

  12. SPA is NOT a medical facility; therefore we do not allow any narcotics or addictive substances. SPA staff will assist you, after completing Level 1, in connecting with your immediate doctor/psychiatrist if needed to provide the best possible care within the limits of SPA’s non-medical program.


  13. Does SPA include detox services?

  14. No, we are not a medical facility. SPA refers women to Life Treatment Center in South Bend ( 574-233-5433). Treatment offers a 3-day detox program monitored by medical staff and free of charge.


  15. What church will I attend at SPA?

  16. As a group, all residents regularly attend two of SPA’s local supporting churches: Elijah’s Fire International ( and Elkhart Church of God ( Additionally, SPA residents travel to many churches during the year to build community connections.


  17. How many residents live at SPA?

  18. SPA Levels 1-3 accommodates up to 12 women.


  19. Can my children live with me at SPA?

  20. SPA Levels 1-3 do not accommodate children. Level 4 accommodations for children will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


  21. Can I bring my car to SPA?

  22. No. SPA partners with United Way to provide our “Wheels to Work” program for working residents.


  23. How often can I leave SPA during the week?

  24. SPA is a 24/7 supervised program. Any outings will take place as a group or case-by-case basis. No individual trips are permitted. If a resident has an appointment, staff or volunteers provide transportation.


  25. What contact can I have with family and friends?

  26. After completing Level 1, residents may have children and healthy, approved family members visit every Sunday and on holidays. Additionally, phone calls may be made to children under 18 on Wednesday nights.


  27. At what point in the program can I apply for a job?

  28. The employment process begins in Level 3. Therefore, staff must discern that you have successfully completed Levels 1 and 2 before granting access to Level 3.


  29. What can I bring to SPA when I come?

  30. Please refer to SPA’s “Intake Inventory Checklist”.



    Legal Questions:

  31. How does probation work while I’m in the program?

  32. Out of town residents will need to have probation modified to non-reporting probation due to transportation limitations.


  33. I’ve been court ordered to take a class or therapy outside of coming to SPA. Will SPA comply with my court orders?

  34. It will be beneficial to work with your legal representative to modify your court order to fit within the guidelines of SPA. We recommend calling SPA to figure out what specifics are offered within our residential program.


  35. Does SPA work with Department of Child Services cases and visitation?

  36. SPA works with the Department of Child Services, as long as they work with the parameters of SPA schedules.