Volunteer Opportunities

We so appreciate you and are blessed by your willingness to serve as a volunteer.

We understand that volunteering and serving with SPA is not a decision to be taken lightly, so as you read over this page, ask God to guide you. Fill out the included application and submit it to SPA. We will review your application promptly and contact you for an interview.
Thank you for your interest in serving with us!


Volunteer Criteria
  1. Have a desire or calling to serve at SPA Women’s Ministry Homes.
  2. Agree with SPA Women’s Ministry Homes’ Faith Statement/Mission.
  3. Agree to follow the appropriate guidelines for each area of volunteer ministry.
  4. Read and uphold the “SPA Women’s Ministry Homes Rules and Regulations” for SPA residents.
  5. Be a godly example for SPA residents in appearance, punctuality, attitude, speech, and Christian living, and refrain from smoking, drinking, and profanity.
  6. Possess a humble and teachable spirit and a willingness to submit to the director.
  7. Communicate effectively with staff regarding your schedule, as well as any issues with the women that should arise during your volunteer opportunities.
  8. Maintain a prayerful attitude when dealing with conflict.
  9. Feel confident exercising leadership and making decisions when needed while volunteering with the residents and communicate those decisions clearly to the director.
  10. Complete a Volunteer Orientation and read the Volunteer Training Manual.


Volunteer Positions
  • Maintenance: Help maintain the physical structures of SPA. If you have expertise in construction, plumbing, electric, or other trades, you can volunteer on an as-needed basis.
  • Group Facilitator: Lead a weekly/monthly group for our residents. This includes educational groups and fun groups.
    • Bible Classes: Lead residents through a study on a specific topic or book of the Bible. SPA has several studies and materials that are available to facilitators, or present your own idea of a study to the director for approval.
    • Life Skills: Teach residents skills such as: how to cook their favorite meal, check the oil in a vehicle, or how to create a resume.
    • Fun Night: Come to SPA and lead a game night or craft night, host a fun event at your church for the residents, or gather up your friends or small group members and take the SPA ladies bowling or to a Christian concert!
  • Transportation: Using a SPA vehicle, help transport residents to and from appointments in the community.
  • Weekend Monitor (Day/Night): Volunteers will stay at the home for extended periods of time to monitor and give direction to the residents in their daily tasks. Night monitors will stay overnight in the home in a private bedroom to provide the residents with on-site supervision.
  • Fund-raising/Event Help:
    • Securing Gifts/Sponsorships
    • Decorating
    • Food Preparation
  • Office Projects: Volunteer your time to help organize and label our quarterly newsletters and mailers.
  • Mentors: Become a mentor for a specific SPA resident. The “Life Lessons” mentor program meets officially every Monday evening during the Spring and Fall seasons for dinner and a lesson time. We also encourage mentors to connect with their specific resident on a regular basis to build the mentor/resident relationship. Ways to engage with your resident include taking her for coffee or along with you for a weekend activity.


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