Donate Items / Needs List

SPA Women’s Ministry Homes relies on the generous gifts of donors and friends in order to provide Christ-centered, residential services for women struggling with life-controlling issues and addictions. Thank you for your love and support.

Needs List

Hand Towels
Wash Clothes
Feminine Products (all types)
Hair Care Items:  Mousse, Hair Spray, Gel & Products for African American Hair
Toilet paper
Bath Mats/Rugs

Paper Towels & Napkins
Cleaning Supplies (carpet fresh, disinfectant wipes, Drano, dryer sheets, mop, Scrubbing Bubbles, Dawn)
Coffee (regular and decaf)
Laundry Detergent & Bleach

Office Supplies
Copy Paper
Envelopes (#8 and #10)
Pencils & Pens
Computer Accessories/Flash Drives
Blank CD’s
Staples Gift Cards

First Aid Cold Medicine (i.e. Cough Drops, Vitamin C, Allergy & Cold Medicine, Aleve, Midol)
Ladies Underwear (all sizes)
Storage Containers & Bags
Laundry Baskets
Light Bulbs (Energy Savers, 60W, indoor flood lights)
Trash Bags (all sizes)
Snow Shovels


To arrange a drop off of items, please contact the SPA House at 574-522-8338.